Catzilla Hotel Express Boarding Agreement

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This Boarding Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between Catzilla Hotel Express (referred to as the “Hotel”) and the undersigned Pet Owner (referred to as the “Owner”). This Agreement encompasses all visits by the Owner’s Pet(s) to any of Catzilla Hotel Express’ cat boarding facilities. By signing this Agreement, the Owner acknowledges and agrees to comply with the terms stated herein.

1. Owner’s Information Disclosure

The Owner certifies the accuracy of all information submitted regarding their Pet(s) to the Hotel, both orally and in writing. The Owner affirms being the primary caretaker of the Pet and holds the authority to enter into this Agreement on behalf of any other Pet owner or representative.

2. Compulsory Admission Criteria

2.1 Boarding Requirements

The Owner affirms that the Pet meets the Boarding Requirements specified by the Hotel for boarding, which include but are not limited to:

  • Completion of appropriate core vaccinations as per the Pet’s age.
  • Compliance with health standards.
  • Absence of aggressive behaviour
  • Must be free from any illnesses or contagious diseases, including, but not limited to, fleas, ticks, mites, ringworm, coccidia, and giardia, prior to boarding.
  • A veterinarian’s certification if the Pet has recently recovered from an illness.

2.2 Chronic and Long-Term Conditions

If the Pet has known chronic or long-term medical conditions, the Owner must provide comprehensive written details alongside the Pet Assessment Form, including necessary medical equipment or medication required during the stay.

2.3 Owner’s Responsibility

The Owner acknowledges sole responsibility for ensuring the Pet’s eligibility for admission to the Hotel, including possessing the necessary documentation as per the Boarding Requirements. The Owner agrees that non-compliance with these requirements absolves the Hotel from any responsibility for the Pet’s ineligibility to board.

3. Services, Charges, and Reservations

3.1 Services

The Hotel agrees to provide services to the Pet during its stay, provided the Pet complies with the Boarding Requirements. The Hotel may, at its discretion, grant services to non-compliant Pets, with the Owner releasing the Hotel from any liabilities in such instances.

3.2 Charges

The Owner agrees to compensate the Hotel for specific services provided to the Pet from check-in to check-out. Any outstanding balance must be settled upon checkout, and the Hotel reserves the right to withhold the Pet until payment is received.

3.3 Reservations

Payment for booking does not guarantee service provision. The Hotel reserves the right to confirm services only after verifying the Pet’s compliance with Boarding Requirements during check-in.

4. Evaluation, Participation and Termination

4.1 Submission of Information

Before accessing any services, the Owner must furnish accurate and relevant written details about the Pet (referred to as ‘Pet Details’ in the consent form), ensuring compliance with the Boarding Requirements. The Owner is obligated to disclose and consistently update the Pet’s medical conditions, if any, as well as any concerns regarding the Pet. If there are additional documents required, a resubmission of the consent form is compulsory.

4.2 Interpretation of Information Provided to the Hotel

The Owner understands that the Hotel and its employees are not qualified to interpret medical test results or diagnose the Pet’s health. Therefore, the Hotel is released from liability regarding any assumptions or interpretations made.

4.3 Evaluation of Pet’s Eligibility for Boarding

The Hotel will evaluate the Pet’s eligibility for services based on a physical assessment and verification of medical records. The Owner agrees to provide necessary documents issued by a licensed veterinarian before the Pet’s evaluation.

4.4 Rejection of the Provision of Services

The Hotel maintains the discretion to decline providing Services in the event that a Pet does not adhere to the specified Boarding Requirements. Should a Pet be found non-compliant with these requirements during check-in on the boarding date, or if there is reasonable suspicion of non-compliance, it is important to note that no refund will be issued for the rejection of Services.

4.5 Termination of Agreement

Termination Initiated by the Hotel

In exceptional circumstances, the Hotel reserves all rights to terminate the agreement at any juncture during the Pet’s stay. These circumstances encompass, but are not limited to, the following conditions:

a. The Pet is found to not comply with the Hotel’s Boarding Requirements;

b. The Pet is diagnosed with an illness or sickness;

c. A licensed veterinarian determines that the Pet is no longer suitable for lodging within the Hotel’s premises;

d. The Pet exhibits destructive behaviour causing damage to the Hotel’s property;

e. The Pet disrupts the Hotel’s operations and its environment;

f. The Pet attempts to cause harm to the Hotel’s employees or other Pets.

The Hotel and its employees will endeavour to contact the Owner or the designated contact using the information provided in the Owner’s Consent form to give verbal and/or written notice for the Pet’s removal from the Hotel premises or to arrange third-party services.

4.5.1 Removal of pet from the Hotel

The Hotel has the right to organise the Pet’s return to the Owner, with the Owner bearing the associated expenses, emphasising the well-being of the Pet and the safety of other Pets in the Hotel’s care. In such cases, the Hotel will not issue a refund to the Owner for the bookings made.

4.5.2 Third Party Service

At the Hotel’s discretion, the Owner must grant our staffs permission to arrange third-party services essential for maintaining the Pet’s eligibility to receive Company Services. These services, incurred at the Owner’s cost, are crucial for the Pet’s stay, arrival, and departure arrangements, including but not limited to Veterinary Visits, Grooming Appointments and Pet Transportation. By consenting to this, the Owner agrees to absolve the Hotel and the staffs of any responsibility for travel plan disruptions or any harm, illness, or unfortunate incidents leading to injury or the Pet’s demise due to the engagement of such services.

5. Acceptance of Risk

5.1 Unpredictability of the Pet

The Owner acknowledges the unpredictability of Pets’ health and behaviour. Therefore, the Owner releases the Hotel from liability for any injury, sickness, or illness suffered by the Pet while in the Hotel’s care, including circumstances related to the Pet’s stay or use of the facilities.

5.1.1 Cleanliness of the Facility

The Hotel diligently maintains clean, hygienic, and appropriately enclosed facilities to ensure each Pet’s safety. However, acknowledging that absolute elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites within the Hotel is not guaranteed, the Owner voluntarily relinquishes and absolves the Hotel and its staffs from any responsibility or liability for claims, actions, damages, or consequences related to injury, death, sickness, or illness suffered by the Pet.

5.1.2 Sickness, illness, fungal infection and cat parasites

The term “Sickness and Illness” encompasses various infections, diseases, or ailments, including but not limited to Conjunctivitis, gastrointestinal issues, reduced appetite, mild upper respiratory symptoms, urinary tract problems, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Chlamydia, Leukaemia, or any other communicable condition.

5.1.3 Use of Common Spaces

The area outside the Pet’s designated lodging within the Hotel’s premises shall be referred to as the “Common Spaces/Exercise Area.” Access for the Pet to these areas is subject to meeting the following criteria:

  • The Pet independently exits its cabinet without our staff’s assistance.
  • The Pet is in good physical health and mobile.
  • There are no observable signs of Sickness and Illness (as outlined in 5.1.1) in the Pet.
  • The Pet must be free from any illnesses or contagious diseases, including, but not limited to, fleas, ticks, mites, ringworm, coccidia, and giardia.
  • The Pet has tested negative for FIV/FeLV.

5.1.4 Multiple Kittens from the Same Owner

If the Owner brings multiple cats to the Hotel, it is acknowledged that only one cat will occupy each cabinet; no cabinet will accommodate more than one cat. Cats will only be allowed to mingle together in common spaces when the Owner expressly agrees to their interaction.

5.1.5 Causing harm to other pets or people.

The Owner acknowledges that if an unforeseen situation occurs where the Pet is injured by another Pet, or if the Pet causes harm to another Pet or person, the Owner holds sole responsibility for any resulting injuries to other Pets or individuals, including their own Pet. By agreeing to this, the Owner releases the Hotel and its Agents from any liability associated with such injuries.

5.2 Compensation and Accountability

Regarding the Hotel’s Services, the Owner agrees to compensate, defend, and absolve the Hotel from all losses, liabilities, damages, fines, penalties, and expenses, including, but not limited to:

  • Legal fees and veterinary expenses resulting from any breach of the representations and warranties contained in this Agreement by the involved parties or third parties.
  • Abandonment of the Pet at the Hotel.
  • All actions related to the Pet’s conduct.
  • Instances of Sickness and Illness, injury, or death of a Pet at the Hotel.
  • Injury or death of a Company employee or any other member of the public.

Under no circumstances shall the Hotel be held accountable for any special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages, irrespective of prior advice regarding their potential occurrence.

5.2.1 Use of Social Media or any online platform

The Owner consents to the Hotel’s use of the Pet’s name and any images or likenesses of their pet captured during their stay at the Hotel facility, in any form or medium, for purposes including but not limited to media, marketing, advertising, illustrations, trade, or promotional materials, at any time.

The Owner pledges to refrain from directly or indirectly creating, posting, or communicating unverified claims, disparaging or derogatory remarks, or encouraging any third parties to make such statements, whether through written or other means, online or offline. These actions are not intended to misrepresent, harm, or compromise the Hotel’s professional reputation or financial status. Furthermore, the Owner agrees not to initiate any legal action against the Hotel or any associated entities concerning such released claims.

5.3 Owner’s belongings

The Owner acknowledges that personal belongings or items provided to the Hotel may not be returned if they become soiled, damaged, or lost during the Pet’s stay. By agreeing, the Owner releases the Hotel from liability in cases of damage, loss, injury, or illness caused by the use of these items. Furthermore, the Owner understands that personal items placed at the Hotel may not be returned upon checkout, and no monetary compensation will be given by the Hotel for lost personal belongings. Any personal belongings left uncollected at the Hotel after 24 hours following the Pet’s checkout will be disposed of.

6. Modifications, Cancellations, and Refunds

6.1 Modifications

Any requests for modifications must be submitted in writing and approved by the Hotel at least 14 days before prior to the Pet’s check-in date. Subject to availability, a 20% modification charge will be imposed. Modifications will not be permitted within 14 days of the check-in date.

The Owner acknowledges that adjusting booking dates might impact the Hotel’s available slots, potentially resulting in a significant loss of customers due to the changes. By agreeing, the Owner commits to covering the modification charges. In case of disagreement over these charges, if the Owner does not concur, the Hotel will not issue any refund for the booking payments made.

6.1.1 Cancellations

The hotel will impose a 20% administrative fee for cancellations made within the 14 days prior the check-in date and will refund the remaining 80% of the total booking payment to the owner via bank transfer/Paynow/Cash within 10 working days from the cancellation date. Any voucher used for the booking will be invalidated if the booking is cancelled. 

Any cancellation 

For any cancellations made within 14 days of the check-in date are strictly non-refundable.

6.2 Incomplete Stays

The Hotel does not refund charges for incomplete stays or scenarios such as no-shows or earlier-than-intended checkouts.

6.3 Refund Policy

Refunds, if applicable, are issued via bank transfer/Paynow/Cash within 10 working days, in certain cases, refunded in full less administrative fee. No refunds apply for cancellations within 14 days the Pet’s check-in date.

7. Appointment of a Responsible Party

7.1 Considerations for Appointment

The Owner must designate a Responsible Party, a consenting adult over 21 years old, other than themselves, who can make decisions on the Pet’s behalf if the Owner cannot be reached. This Responsible Party will have full authority in decision-making for the Pet.

8. Arrivals and Departures

8.1 Check-Ins and Checkouts

The Hotel operates within designated hours, and the time required for check-in and checkout of the Pet varies. Any delay by the Owner may result in additional charges if the Pet is not checked out by a specified time.

8.2 Early and Late Check-ins and Checkouts

Requests for early and late check-ins and checkouts must be made in writing, are subject to availability, and incur additional charges. However, they do not guarantee lodging for the Pet.

8.3 Acceptance and Release of the Pet

The Hotel may request the Owner’s personal identification before accepting or releasing the Pet. The Owner or the Responsible Party must collect the Pet at checkout and declare any suspected injuries or illnesses.

8.4 Collection and Inspection of the Pet

The Owner agrees to personally collect the Pet at checkout or authorise the Responsible Party in writing. The Owner is advised to seek a veterinarian checkup within 48 hours of the Pet’s departure from the Hotel at their own cost.

8.5 Pets not picked up on Departure Date

If the Pet is not collected at the agreed-upon time, the Owner authorises the Hotel to continue providing services at an additional expense. If not picked up within 48 hours, the Pet may be deemed abandoned per the Hotel’s discretion.

8.5.1 Abandoned Pet Procedure

In case of non-collection, the Hotel will cease most services except basic care and may contact the Owner or Responsible Party. If the Pet remains uncollected, the Hotel may initiate an Abandoned Pet Procedure, potentially leading to rehoming the Pet or surrendering it to authorities.

9. Emergencies

9.1 Definition

Events beyond the Hotel’s control, such as fires, natural disasters, or medical emergencies, are termed “Emergencies.”

9.2 Limitation of Liability

During Emergencies, the Hotel will make efforts to ensure the Pet’s safety but is not liable for any resulting harm or injury to the Pet.

9.2.1 Course of Action

In Emergencies, the Hotel may temporarily house the Pet and make necessary arrangements. The Owner authorises the Hotel to undertake such actions.

10. Medical Treatment

10.1 Definition

The Hotel may arrange Medical Treatment for the Pet at the Owner’s expense if the Pet exhibits certain conditions or requires immediate care.

10.2 Owner’s Consent for Medical Treatment

The Owner agrees to necessary Medical Treatment, accepting the associated costs unless specified otherwise.

10.3 Expenses Incurred and Hotel-Imposed Fees

All expenses incurred for the Pet, including medical costs, must be paid in full or reimbursed by the Owner. Additionally, certain Hotel-Imposed Fees may be applicable under specific circumstances.

Upon the Hotel’s assessment of the Pet, the Owner may incur additional charges for extra Services necessary for the safe and effective care of the Pet. These fees encompass, but are not limited to:

  • Service Fee of $70: Applicable per trip, per Pet, if the Pet needs to be taken outside the Hotel’s premises for third-party Services by external providers or if staff assistance is necessary beyond the hotel premise to fulfill an Owner’s request.
  • Aggressive Pet Charge of $10 per day, per Pet: Applies when the Pet displays aggressive behaviour or attempts to bite any person or animal.
  • Intensive Care Fee at $5 per time, per Pet: Applicable when a Pet necessitates medical equipment usage or requires medicine administration with staff assistance.
  • Cleaning Fee of $10 per day, per housing unit: Applies in cases where a Pet presents severe diarrhoea, spraying, or marking, requiring enhanced disinfection and sterilisation of the Hotel more than twice daily.

10.4 Death of the Pet

If the Pet passes away while under the Hotel’s care, the Pet will be respectfully handled and securely stored until the Owner or Responsible Party is available for collection. Alternatively, the Owner may request cremation services, which will be arranged and covered at the Owner’s expense. The AVS will be informed of any instances of animal-related death at the Hotel.

11. Governing Law

This Agreement is governed by Singaporean law, and disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Singaporean courts.

12. Miscellaneous Provisions

This written Agreement stands as the exclusive agreement between the Owner and the Hotel, superseding any prior verbal agreements. The invalidity or ineffectiveness of any provision within this agreement will not impact the validity of the remaining terms.

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