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We are the proud owners of Catzilla Hotel Express, and our journey is deeply rooted in our love for cats. Since childhood, we’ve been devoted cat enthusiasts, amassing over a decade of experience with these feline companions. After a few years in the corporate world following our graduation, we came to realise that it wasn’t the life we truly desired.

This realisation led us to follow our passion. We opened a cattery under the name “CatzillaSG – British Shorthair in Singapore, at https://catzillasg.com,” with a mission to bring healthy, cute, round-face bear looking pedigree British Shorthair kittens to Singapore. As we interacted with our beloved Catzilla owners, a common question emerged: “Do you provide boarding services?”

That question sparked an idea – the concept of Catzilla Hotel Express. We wanted to ensure that Catzilla owners could enjoy peace of mind, whether they were embarking on overseas adventures or business trips. They could rest assured that their cherished feline companions were in good hands.

Rest assured, our hotel is open to all cat owners, and we warmly welcome everyone. The story we shared is simply the inspiration behind our Catzilla Hotel business. Every cat that stays with us receives the same luxurious treatment, and equality is at the heart of our care.

With the vision of a cat hotel, we sought to extend our care to all cats. We are highly skilled and experienced cat owners, and we hold great confidence in providing the best care for your cats while you are away. When you choose Catzilla Hotel Express, you choose a loving and capable team dedicated to the happiness and well-being of your feline family members.

Our Mission

We want to provide a safe and nurturing environment for cats in our care. We’re committed to their well-being, offering premium accommodations, personalised attention, and clear communication with pet owners. We aim to be the trusted choice, providing peace of mind and a home away from home for their beloved companions.

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